Useful Advice in Handling Online Rejection

Yes, there is probably nothing painful than being rejected by someone even personally or online. We feel that we are not good enough for them or we are just unlovable. But despite these facts, we should not stop pursuing our hopes of finding the right one for us. Being able to cope and deal with this will make you feel better. Also, handling online rejection properly can lead you to a more enjoyable and successful process of dating for you.

You must know how to manage online rejection rather than letting this destroy your hope and confidence. If you have been rejected once or twice, lots of things are waiting for you to get you back your hope and go out on a date again. So dress, get up and start following the tips that we are going to give you when it comes to handling an online rejection.

Sometimes it is normal to feel upset

Usually, we feel upset and hurt when someone is rejecting us. Allow yourself to have enough time to get over but don’t dwell on the misery of being rejected. It is best to give yourself enough time to get yourself to meet new people and get back online. Sooner or later, there will be someone who will meet your interest, and you’ll have an exciting and more enjoyable conversation. Always keep reminded that the pain will surely go away. As the saying goes, time heal all wounds so you should take note of this saying every time you feel the pain of rejection.

Don’t take it seriously

This is considered as the best tip for you despite the fact that rejection is hard not to take seriously. Keep in mind that it is not only about you but a lot of reasons to consider why he doesn’t reply to your messages. It doesn’t mean that you are unattractive, sometimes it only means that they don’t feel the spark which should not affect your self-worth.  If he doesn’t know anything about you, then he has no right to judge you. It’s their loss and moves on.

Let go

Don’t try to persuade someone to give you another chance. It may be tempting to cling into an opportunity, but it is always better to let go to retain your self-esteem and dignity. Rest assured that the relationship will fail in the long run since you don’t have the same feelings. You deserve a good guy who can make you feel that you are his life’s greatest blessing, so don’t settle for less.

Don’t lose your hope and confidence

Handling online rejection can be better if you have your hope and confidence back with you. If he doesn’t reply to your message, then don’t be upset about it. Think about his shortcomings, are you willing to settle with him? Or is he the perfect one for you? You need to be honest and think of your future with him. Maybe he was selfish or lazy. Try to think of negatives things about him and why you two didn’t work.  

Focus on your family and friends

It is a good idea to focus on your loved ones to help you forget being rejected. Focusing on them can help to remind you that you are needed and wanted by other people.

Be positive

Staying positive is one of the best ways of handling online rejection. If you don’t get any reply from him, don’t overthink it. Try to think of different reasons like he is too busy, already dating someone, or he is not the one that you are looking for since he can’t even reply to your messages.

Don’t settle for one person

You need to play the game and don’t focus on one person until you meet the right one for you. You are allowed to date different people and have fun with them. So if he will reject you, think of it this way “so what? I have another date to focus on”.


Try to remind yourself that online dating can be tricky and crazy. People can sometimes drop off, then in the future will come back again. At this moment, you can be the one to do the rejection.

Always think that it happens to everyone

You should never take online dating rejection personally. You are not the only one being rejected. So don’t lose hope because it is not only you.

You can use this to get empathy for someone that you turn down

Basically, online dating is a two-way street, so there are times that you don’t respond to someone’s email or messages. You can use your own experience to gain consideration for someone that you have turned down. Try to figure out pleasant ways to say no to someone you don’t want to see again. Don’t make lies and excuses or saying sugar-coated words because this might give the wrong meaning that they should keep pursuing you. If you feel that he is not the right one for you, say it and mean it positively and pleasantly.

You need to keep going

Staying upset after online rejection won’t bring you any good at all. Take note that those people who have healthy online relationships also experienced rejection, but they keep on going and carry on. If you want to meet your soul mate too, don’t give up and believe that it will happen to you. After your rejection, go back online again and meet new people. There are thousands of people looking for beautiful men and women, so don’t pass up all the opportunities.

Learn from your rejection

Learning from your rejection is another way of handling online rejection. Strong people learn from their painful experiences. Rather than tolerating the pain, why not turn this opportunity for a self-growth? With every rejection that you’ll experience, you can grow better and stronger.

Handling online rejection can be difficult at first, but you need to remember that you should never invest too much of your feelings to someone you’ve never seen and you never know personally. Always remember that not every people you lose is a total loss. It’s not yet the end of the world; there are lots of dates waiting for you. 

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