Useful Seductive Words to Turn Him On

Useful Seductive Words to Turn Him On

Do you think it is hard to make a mango hard? Making a guy turn on is a kind of art. Saying seductive words can turn him on and it’s an effective way most especially to couples. From the thrilling seduction to romantic love to a long-lasting relationship, it is always better to have some naughty dirty talk with the person you love. When we say dirty talks, it is not about flirting because if it is with the right person, then it’s acceptable. 

If you wanted to add some spice and hot talks in your relationship, then this article will give you ideas on how to talk dirty with your partner. It kind of feels flirty but sometimes you just have to do it. It is always nice to give some thrilling flirting talks with the person you love. People who do this tend to have a long-lasting relationship with their partners. Get some tips on how to say it right without feeling too clingy. 

Dirty talks 

Naughty or dirty kind of talks with your partner can be as simple as a witty suggestive phrase. It always comes with how you deliver it and how your man is going to return the favor. 

Dirty talks play a vital role in every relationship, especially to couples who are sexually active. Dirty talks can build a strong foundation for every relationship. Even if dirty talks sound so naughty and kind of awkward, it takes two people to love each other more. 

How to turn on your guy? 

There are so many seductive words that you can say to your man and maybe you already said it a few times without really meaning it. However, if you want to make things hotter and heat up, let us learn some useful tips first on how to turn him on using your seductive words.

  • Be Genuine: Always think about what makes you attracted to him. Compliment him and make sure you are true to your words. 
  • Tease Him: Tease him with your well-said words and pair it with a wink or a flirty smile. 
  • Tell Him How He Turns You On: You can easily heat up or turn on the guy by telling him what turns you on about him. 
  • Timing: Timing is very important before you say your dirty talks. Do not do it if he is tired and be sensitive if he is not in the mood. 
  •  Be Natural: Just be yourself even if you are planning to seduce him. Make him feel like you want him. When it comes to seducing your man with your seductive words, it is not about what you say, it’s about how you say it.

These are just some guidelines on how to prepare yourself when you are trying to seduce your man with your words. Just be yourself and make him feel loved rather than making him feel hot.

Seductive words

If you are running out of ideas on what to say to your man when you wanted to turn him on, then this list will help you. Check out these ideas to make your man turned on. 

  • You have a dirty mind and it turns me on: This is just one way to increase his desires for you. Make him feel like he turns you on.
  • Where do you want to touch or kiss me?: This is a question but it will give him an idea that you wanted to make love with him. 
  • I keep on thinking about what to do to you in bed later: Again, it is just a simple statement that makes a man turned on. He will be very excited to go home knowing you’ve got plans for him.
  • I wish I could cuddle with you all day long: A demure statement to say to your man but he surely knows what may happen next.
  • Make your schedule free tonight. I made a surprise for you: These words are making him excited. Who will not be excited about surprises, right? 
  • Guess what I am wearing: Let us face it, our bodies turn our boyfriends on. You can always use your body to seduce your man other than words. Your body is his wonderland.
  • Don’t be so workaholic. We still got to work in our bed tonight: Even if he is tired in his work all day long, he can still be very active if you tease him with these words.
  • I am almost home now, meet me in the bed once you are home :Another way of teasing him that makes him very excited to go home and see you. 
  • I am not wearing any underwear: Yes, it is obvious that you want to have sex. At least being obvious and natural can be very effective to turn him on. 
  • I just want to tear your clothes off: Again, these words are obvious that you want to make love with him. 
  • You look so sexy: Making him feel sexy and letting him know that you want his body is an effective way of seducing him. 

Wrapping up 

If you are not used to making a dirty talk with your partner, just remember that it is fine to be flirty sometimes. Your partner wants to hear such words as these from you. These sexy and dirty words are a good way to begin and get him into your pants. The examples mentioned above are great starters on how to seduce him with your seductive words. These can help your man’s thoughts to want a lot of you. It will drive him crazy!

Words are very powerful. They can brighten up someone else’s day, tease or even hurt. Words can also make or break a relationship. But if you know what to say and how to say it, you can easily excite your man’s thoughts by using seductive words to turn him on. Just be watchful of your words and just do it with the right person and everything will be alright. 

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