Warning Signs: Early Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Warning Signs: Early Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Arguments and petty fights are normal in a relationship. But what if your arguments begin to form a consistent pattern? Is it still healthy, or is it an abusive relationship? Should you break up with him? Or should you talk to him?

Some of the reasons why some women are trapped in an abusive relationship is that because the abusers are appealing, charming and confident. They have the efforts needed when pursuing the girl they love. In this case, it is better if you know the signs of an abusive relationship. 

What are the abusive relationship checklist warning signs that you should take in mind before dating a man? 

These are some of the signs that you might be dating an abuser which might lead to an emotionally or physically abusive relationship: 

He is too aggressive to win you 

One of the early signs that you are dating an abusive man is when he is too aggressive to win you. You can notice that he will tell you all the flowery words and intense attention to catch your heart. They tend to tell you that you are above anyone else. Keep in mind that these compliments may seem sweet at first but he can use these to manipulate and belittle you in the long run.

Too much monitoring 

How to get out of an emotionally abusive relationship? Why do you need to get out when in the first place you can avoid entering and experiencing the signs of an abusive relationship? Keep in mind that when a man you are dating is monitoring you too much, it is not healthy. This may seem romantic at first, but this will lead to emotionally abusive relationships in the future. His tendency is to ask you your social media accounts passwords, the places where you are going, who are you with, why didn’t you call him during your break time, why you didn’t respond to his text messages and so on. If you hear these things, you should be careful. 

Too possessive 

There are lots of abusive relationship stories nowadays. In order for you to avoid this kind of relationship, you should avoid the too possessive type of person. They are those kinds of people who are too clingy and always rushing you to leave your family and friends to be with him. He is also trying to isolate you from others because he always wants to be alone with you. If he is trying to create some stories to make some conflicts to make you feel that he is the only one you need, then you must be careful.  

He wants you to ask permission to him before doing anything 

What is an abusive relationship definition? One of the definitions of an abusive relationship is having a partner where you don’t have the freedom to do the things that you want. You can avoid entering this kind of relationship when you avoid committing with a person who doesn’t want you to do things without his permission. 

He will create stories that can make you feel jealous  

Jealousy is one of the causes of an abusive relationship cycle. Abusers want your attention to them only. You can notice that this kind of person tends to create some stories that someone is pursuing them to make you feel jealous too. In this case, he will have the assurance that you will behave to keep your relationship. This is also their way of keeping you insecure to make you feel that you can’t do anything without him. Watch out for this one of the early signs of an abusive relationship. 

He wants you to leave everything behind 

Am I in an emotionally abusive relationship? Yes, you are. If you are committed to a man who wants you to leave everything behind to start your relationship with him, then you are probably in this kind of relationship. Keep in mind that this situation will lead to control and isolation in the long run. 

They are too much of a perfectionist and criticisms are always on their mind

One of the emotionally abusive relationship signs is having a partner who is too much of a perfectionist. They want you and the things that you do to be perfect. But when, in fact, the things that they do are all messy. They are doing this because they can’t make their projects and goals a perfect one that’s why they focus on your flaws and mistakes. This is one of the signs of emotional abuse in marriage and even in the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.  

He wants to be the leader and superior in your relationship

Being superior or having the desire to be the leader of your relationship is one of the symptoms of emotional abuse. If he truly loves you, he will give you the “voice” to speak out for your relationship. If he genuinely cares for you, he will not belittle you. 

What are the signs that you are already committed to and experiencing the signs of an abusive relationship? 

He always says hurtful words about you

Am I being emotionally abused? Yes, if your partner always says unnecessary words about you. This is not healthy, so be careful about these words. Once you complain, you will notice that he will defend himself and tell you that he is only joking. Please do take note of this sign because when you allowed that to happen, you will surely become one of the characters in emotionally abusive relationship stories. 

You are always apologizing to him for all the mistakes that you have made

One of the relationship abuse signs is when you see yourself always apologizing to him for all your flaws and mistakes. Take note that this is because you don’t already have the confidence in yourself, and you are only relying on him. He made you believed that you are stupid and inconsiderate, and you need to apologize to him every time you make mistakes. 

He always belittles you even you achieved accomplishments 

What is an emotionally abusive relationship? An emotionally abusive relationship is having a man who tends to belittle his partner. Even if you have the achievements, rest assured that he will not acknowledge it. In the long run, you will notice that you slowly lose your confidence, and you have no trust with yourself anymore. You will put all your trust in him! 

No one wants to enter an abusive relationship. So if you want to avoid this kind of commitment, you need to be aware of the signs of an abusive relationship. If you don’t know how to leave this offensive kind of connection, you need to ask help from your family and friends. Remember that there is no reason to stay in a toxic commitment. 

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