Ways in Handling Rejection From Asking a Girl her Number

Ways in Handling Rejection From Asking a Girl her Number

As a part of growing up, an individual will come to experience rejection in his life. It may happen once, but it can happen repeatedly in someone’s life. The only thing to do in rejection is to accept it. Learning the art of acceptance is also learning the art of rejection. If you can cope up with rejection, it will not hurt as bad as being rejected the first time. There are different kinds of rejections, but we are going to look into the Ways in Handling Rejection from Asking a Girl Her Number.

Causes of rejection

There are different causes of rejection. By learning the causes of why you have been rejected, you can easily manipulate your emotions and understand how to accept your faith. Rejection can be hard at times, but once you learn how to overcome it, it will be easy as sleeping and waking up in the morning. You can always bear in mind that if a girl rejects you, there is still a chance. 

She’s playing hard to get

Have you been rejected by a girl, but still acts interested? Well, she’s just showing you that she is a girl that must be taken seriously. You should put your game face on and bring home your A Game.

You started too weak.

You are a guy and you kept asking yourself, why is asking a girl out so nerve-wracking. Well, it is a matter of composure. You are having a hard time asking a girl for her number because it is either you have been rejected 100 times, which cannot be possible. Or when you keep getting rejected by girls recently. It is about finding a good timing and setting your self-confidence before traveling into the battlefield. Girls dig strong and independent men.

You let yourself in the FRIEND Zone

You are a guy who wants a girl so bad. But don’t let yourself too available for her. Let her chase a little bit, just for her to know that she eventually needs or likes you. But don’t be too hard to get, you are the one pursuing her, just let her taste some of her medicine.

You are pushing too hard

Don’t give all the love that you are about to give on the first try. Keep all the mystery with you. Just woo her and keep your distance, just enough for her to chase you a little bit.

Handling rejection from asking a girl her number

You are going to learn that in life, rejection comes easy as one, two, or three. And rejection can happen first thing in dating. And that is asking for a girl her number. As this early, rejection hurts. Here are some ways of how to get over rejection after asking a girl her number.


Always think that not all the people you came to like in your life will like you back. If a girl rejected your invitation for her number, be a man about it. Stand straight and think about some funny joke that will ease the moment. In this way, she will not think that you have rejection depression.

She can still change her mind – So keep your cool

Maybe your timing in asking for her number is not well planned. There are reasons why she doesn’t want to let go of her number that easily. Earn her trust. Respect her decision why she doesn’t want to give her number. But always think that it is just for a moment. So be patient with her, woo her way to her phone number. And that is how to change a girl’s mind about rejecting you.

Don’t take it the wrong way

Don’t take the girl’s decision personally. Maybe she is not interested in what you are presenting with her right now. A girl’s intuition is her best friend for times like this. So when she sees you as not her match, she will truly reject you. How to respond to rejection with dignity is being able to respect her decision.

Reflect on how you did things

Understand why you are rejected has something to do with how you asked and how you perform the invitation for her number. Reflect on what you did. Ask yourself the question, where did I go wrong? When you keep getting rejected by girls, it is time to look back on the ways you handle things.

Understand that women are not the same

You and a girl you used to date are different from someone you are asking for a number and got rejected. Maybe your past girlfriend liked cheesy pickup lines, but this girl doesn’t. If you got rejected because you used the same approach to two girls, maybe it is time to adjust how you act to a girl based on her personality and how you understand you.

Do not EVER Beg

Understand that you are a man, there is no use to beg someone over a phone number. Acceptance is always the key for a rejection closure. The pain of rejection in love is different from the pain of being rejected over a phone number. So your actions should match the level of rejection you received. How to heal from friend rejection is different from how to heal from love rejection. Begging for a phone’s number can make you look weak in front of the girl you like.

How to get over being rejected by a girl

When someone rejects you, treat it as opening doors to something bigger and better. When it hurts too much, and you are continuously being rejected by people you like, then it is time to look back on how you handle situations and reflect on the things you should have done differently. In that way, you can alter your wrong steps and achieve the number of the girl you really liked.  Don’t ever lose your cool. Girls like guys who are strong enough to handle situations that hurt their ego. Accept that not all situations will come in your way. Respect begets respect. Respect the girl who rejected you and you will be free to start over again.

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