Ways on How to Keep a Gemini Man Interested

One of the most interesting and exciting men is Gemini. They are born to be witty and active in so many aspects. Some said that they have a restless heart and a restless mind that is why a lot of girls were interested in them. They also have a reputation for having a dual personality. A lot of girls out there want to know everything about Geminis and what qualities does a Gemini man look for in a woman. They are some of the most complicated and misunderstood men in this world. But despite their being complex personalities, they are not hard to love. 

If you are a girl and you have fallen for one, then it is important to find out what makes a Gemini man stay and how to make a Gemini man want you. Want to know how to keep a Gemini man interested and what does a Gemini man needs in a relationship? This article will give you some useful tips and the best ways on how to make a Gemini man interested and yours forever. Just remember that efforts should be done to make him interested in you. 

What is a Gemini Man?

Gemini is a kind of air zodiac sign. Which is why it is impossible on how to communicate with a Gemini man because he is like air. The feeling is strong but the communication is weak. When it comes to keeping him in love, a Gemini man is not ready to commit that easy. Commitment for him is not a thing, and if a girl wants to keep him all hers, she must be putting in so much effort. If you are a girl and you think you like a Gemini guy, keep in mind that it’s even harder on how to get a Gemini man chase you. It is hard to know how does a Gemini man expresses love. A Gemini man is the kind of person who just enjoys life because according to him, you only live once in this world and all good things will happen along the way. What does a Gemini man want in a woman? Well, based on a survey, a Gemini man prefers different partners and when it comes to making a Gemini man crazy for you, you should always satisfy him to give answers to questions about “How to know when a Gemini man is in love?”

A lot of women might be asking, “Do Gemini men ever settle down?” Well, he has a little and short emotional involvement in a relationship. He is very picky when it comes to women and he can’t find his soulmate easily. In short, a Gemini man has a weakness in love. He sets his own rules that must be followed all the time, and if a girl refuses to act and behave according to his rules, then do not be confused if a Gemini man ignores you. It would be very difficult on how to tell if a Gemini man is interested in you. If you want to keep him, then you have to be smart enough and give him all he needs, and that is by satisfying his needs as well. 

Ways to Keep Him Interested 

Curious about how to tell if a Gemini man is interested in you? Or a kind of desperate on how to please a Gemini man? Check on these creative ways to keep a Gemini man interested and make him yours forever.

Be an Independent Woman 

If you are an independent woman, it attracts a Gemini man. He will show signs that a Gemini man is attracted to you. Also, you need to be self-sufficient. A Gemini man likes women who have their own life and letting him enjoy a lot of things that he desires on doing. A Gemini man wants a woman who is not clingy and needy all the time. He likes a girl who will show him that she is fine on her own. He doesn’t like a woman who relies on anyone just to make them complete and feels good. If a woman shows independence and shows contentment and satisfaction with her life, a Gemini man will surely want to be a part of them. 

Give Him the Space He Need

In every relationship, space is really essential. When a Gemini man needed space, grant it. Do not argue with them because arguing with a Gemini man would make him walk away from your life. What a Gemini man wants in a woman is simple, he wants a woman who is understanding and respects his decisions. If you act clingy, he will run away and you will never know how long does it take for a Gemini man to come back, perhaps never. He will definitely appreciate if you give him space so he can freely do the things he likes. He doesn’t like women who insist on being around them all the time and it is a big turn off and he will definitely lose his interests to you. He likes to have a woman who is happy if he does what he wants in life and if he finds a woman like this, he will commit to her. He knows that he will never feel uncomfortable because that woman supports his needs. 

Always Give Him Excitement 

Truly, a Gemini Man is complicated and very hard to handle, but he is definitely worth it. He likes to try new and unusual things and if you behave all the time, he will get bored. Girls should work on themselves all the time and give a Gemini man what he wants. If a girl will grant what he wants, surely he will give the girl what she wants as well and even what the girl needs in return. He is a giver to a woman who always makes him feel good and satisfied. Try a lot of things to excited him just like teasing him, be funny to him, be cheerful and active when being with him. It will surely rock his world and will definitely look for you all the time because you rock his world. He likes to be with a woman who excites him and fun to be with.

Ask and Listen for His Opinion

A Gemini man’s opinion is very important to him. If a girl keeps asking for his opinions, he will feel smart and important. He likes being asked because he likes to share his ideas. He wants someone to listen to him even the unimportant things. He likes to be asked for his opinions if you have problems. It will boost his ego and will feel very useful and reliable. The catch is, he wanted you to make him feel very important and that you value his knowledge. Make him involved with things like problem-solving because little did we know, he likes to help and be valued. 

Be spontaneous

A Gemini man wants unplanned and on-the-spot moments. He enjoys being with a girl with a restless spirit. He will always have a good time when he is with a woman who is on-the-go. No excuses. He likes a woman who is open-minded and will challenge him. If a Gemini man wanted to try a lot of things with a girl that you thought you’d never do in your life. A girl can be overjoyed and enjoy herself in the best possible ways. She can also live her life to the fullest, a Gemini man wants. If you are like that girl, it will make a Gemini man be happy because you came into his life. He will commit to you even if you are crazy. 

Be very Patient with Him

Every relationship requires a lot of patience and understanding. A Gemini man is difficult and hard to deal with, that is why a Gemini man wanted to be with a girl who has a lot of patience. Who understands his moody personality. You can feel special sometimes because he lets you enter his difficult life. You will be surprised that one day he will tell you that he is head over heels to you. The catch here is, a woman with a restless spirit does not let him follow some rules. He will always behave in ways he feels is best in every situation. 

Go with the Flow

One of the most important things to keep a Gemini man interested and in love with you is to be true and go with the ride. Make him feel that you truly wanted to be with him as long as he wants you to. He will surely be happy to have a woman who understands him completely and knows how to satisfy all his needs. He will commit to a woman who is being true and real. For girls who already chose a man like this to be a life partner, just accept all his imperfections and flaws and show him that you will stay no matter how hard things are gonna get. Make him feel secure when he is with you, but never forget your personal needs as well. If the two of you get what you want, then you two are a perfect match. 

Be Open-minded

A Gemini man wants a woman who is smart and knowledgeable. He wants a person with whom he can get ideas from. He doesn’t like a person who is one-sided. He likes a woman who sees things on both sides and unbiased. If you are open-minded, a Gemini man will definitely be interested in you. 

Do Not be Possessive

Never ever tie a Gemini man into a relationship. If he wanted to be committed to you, he will find a way to stay for a long time, or ever for life. A Gemini man doesn’t want to have a woman who is obsessed and refrains him from doing what he wants. Talk to him about something casual and be casual. One day he will realize that he wanted more with you. More than just boyfriends and girlfriends.

Be Curious About Him

A Gemini wants a woman who shows care about him. Who frequently asks about him, and when he answers, will listen intently. When a woman lets a Gemini man know that she wants to know more about him will make him feel important and valued. They may seem annoying at first, but when they see your sincerity, he will be happy to answer all your questions to him. 

It makes him more attracted to you if you care and curious about him.

Be There for Him

Yes, being with a Gemini man can be very difficult, but I promise you it’s worth it. They don’t intend to cling with you all the time, but once you make him feel like you are always there for him, he will feel secure. Everybody in this world wanted to be with someone who will be there for them through the ups and downs. The same is true with the Gemini men, they wanted to be with someone whom they can rely on in terms of needs. 

Be Brave

Bravery will absolutely catch a Gemini man’s heart. They want a girl who does act like a man, in the sense that, they are not afraid to try things and not afraid to love them no matter how things are going to get. Being brave will most likely attract Gemini men because they consider girls who are brave to be girlfriend material. 

Wrapping Up

Being with a Gemini man can be very hard. They may look stiff and unromantic, but once you get to know them, you will know that they are vulnerable inside and there are reasons why they are like that. He is a dreamer and he wanted to have someone who supports his dream and goes along the way with his dreams. Just be patient in dealing with Gemini man. They have sweet soft spots in their hearts. Just be true to yourself and you will know how to keep a Gemini man interested. Don’t push things that are beyond your control because they don’t like it. Being real and being true is enough. Just put effort into what you do because it takes a lot of courage to love a Gemini man. 

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