What Does it Mean When a Guy Squeezes You in a Hug

Hugs are fantastic, A man who embraces you very well in his arms is also something fantastic. Seriously, we all need a man to comfort us, to love us and to share our lives with. The truth is that physical contact is extremely important to humans. There is a great deal of research showing that babies who have parents who kiss and hug them have better physical and mental health in their lives.

But what does it mean when a man embraces you in his arms?

Hugging someone is showing their love. People tend to show their love in the same way that they would like to receive it. And in that case, it would seem that your man or your boyfriend is someone who expresses his love with physical contact.

It means that for your boyfriend, physical contact is very important. He probably likes to kiss you, hold your hand and hug you.

Since contact is very important to your boyfriend, don’t forget to return the favor. Also, be a woman who kisses him and gives him her hand.

The benefits of cuddling

Have you been stressed or depressed lately? What about your boyfriend? In that case, I advise you to hug and cuddle.

Scientists have shown that hugs are healthy. They reduce stress and depression.

Your boyfriend wants you

When you hold someone in your arms, the body secretes full of molecules. Some of them make your boyfriend want you and it turns him on.

A hug, a hand in the hair, a kiss, etc … all his gestures are foreplay for something more serious.

If you have not yet experienced love together, his hugs may be an act on his part to show you that he is ready to take the next step.

If you get the impression that your man is hugging you even more than usual, then this may be a sign that he is not well and is trying to comfort himself by seeking physical contact.

Hugs are important

It means he needs to feel close to you.

Another explanation for your boyfriend hugging you is that he needs to feel close to you. Touch and caress are proof of love and affection.

When you hold someone in your arms you can also easily feel the perfume and smell of the person. The smell is also a very important sense. It is often said that perfumes are enchanting and that is precisely why your boyfriend takes you in his arms.

Different ways to hug

Psychologists have designed a ” cuddle ranking.” In fact, there is more than one but for this article; we will use the Arturo Torres article because we think it is the most complete. You want to know, don’t you? Well … let’s go!

Torres tells us about the influence of cuddling. This gesture has the power to leave a deep and indelible mark on our bodies. But as we have already seen, it all depends, like life itself, on the intention, the person, the feelings and the emotions… and especially on how the person who receives the hug perceives it.

The classic hug

In this list, we want to start at the beginning. And the beginning brings us to the classic hug. Two people surround themselves with their arms firmly by placing their heads on one side and the other.

Actually, this Hug is very intimate. The breasts touch and the heads are very close. In addition, it usually lasts two or more seconds and has a particular flavor. You’ve probably already hugged in this way to say good-bye or hello to someone very close.

The dancing hug

As its name indicates, this Hug is given when it is associated with music. Normally, one person takes the other by the neck. Then the sounds carry the dancers into romantic and magical worlds, full of love, intimacy, and beauty.

The visual hug

When a hug is eye contact, it’s a special hug. It is simple, very intimate, and both people have their foreheads stuck together. The space that remains between the two at breast height is replaced by complicit and tender glances.

We were the hug of love in which heaven and earth United »

The hug between colleagues

Another classic hug is the one between colleagues. They are two people who do not share a particular confidence or affinity. It is rather a pat on the back for a job well done or due to the approach of something concrete. But the heads do not touch and the feelings are not intense.

The asymmetrical hug

The asymmetrical hug takes place between two people of different sizes. The connotation is purely passionate and erotic. In fact, it is used rather during an intimate and sexual act.

The side hug

The side hug is another example of simplicity and proximity at the same time. It occurs when one surrounds the other person’s shoulder with an arm. The meanings are varied. It can refer to the desire to comfort the other person, to the camaraderie, to the sympathy and tenderness, to the love, to the warmth…

The hug remote

Distant hugs are given when they lack intensity and when bodies are distant. The waist turns do not touch each other and the action takes place rather by obligation rather than by desire or pleasure. They can be part of a protocol or motivated by a temporary truce after an intense confrontation. Finally, they can signify a tense cordiality and even an act that seeks to show tenderness when in reality it is not at all present.

The violent thug

It’s a hug of great intensity, not really out of love passion, but out of sheer violence and aggression. It is usually very tight and dry. It can also be painful for one of the two people. It occurs during a brawl or to separate two individuals during a brawl, for example.

It is a pity that hugging is not always a symbol of love and tenderness. This closeness that the other person feels through this physical contact so intimate should never be violent or false. But, even if this happens often, most hugs symbolize and create a space of intimacy and tenderness that allows us to feel accompanied and comforted.

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