What Hurts Narcissists Most: a Step by Step Guide to Counterblow

What Hurts Narcissists Most: a Step by Step Guide to Counterblow

You have been long enough tortured by a narcissist so you are thinking of a way to counterblow. Now, you finally want to give them a taste of their own medicine but you have still not figured it out yet. When this narcissist inflicted pain on you or someone you care about, the urge to take revenge is strong. Now, you are thinking about what hurts narcissists most? Knowing it is not a walk in the park. It might even backfire right in your face when things didn’t go well. So, you have to know how to hurt them. 

It’s just a normal thing wanting to make a narcissist feel the pain he or she has put you through. However, playing with their game and eventually turning the tables is not an easy thing to do. So, we’re here to help you get through this, what you just need to do is to not skip this post. Know the things on what hurts narcissists most below and how to do it to have the best counterblow!

Carefully think about it first.

When you think about taking revenge on someone, it will take a lot of time and effort to achieve your goal. We understand that you are in deep pain right now from that narcissist’s torture. So, you’re mentally and emotionally unstable at this moment. Surely you can’t make a move while being on a hot mess. Therefore, you need to calm down first before taking any step further. If you will not do this, you might make mistakes that will not benefit you in any way. Don’t make any drastic move while you are unstable in any aspect. That will certainly backfire on you instead of succeeding one step at a time.

Setting aside any feelings.

This one is very essential and we will be emphasizing this over and over again. You need to get rid off of any emotion you have for that person. If he or she is someone who is your ex-beau, you have to drill into your mind that he did not love you and just used you for his benefit. You will easily fall back into his schemes if you are too emotional, and that is the plot he has on his mind.

Have the luxury of time to figure them out.

Truly, he or she is a narcissist but that is not the only thing you need to know about them. What you need to further learn is those things going on their heads, where their weaknesses lie, and how they tick. You need to stop perceiving that they are someone who is above you. Think of them for who they are. To execute this, you should objectively look at them. You can find out their vulnerabilities and weak spots from this. After figuring these out, wisely utilize it against them.

Pay attention to their imperfections.

Narcissists are those who are overly obsessed with themselves. This only means that they very well know their strengths and weaknesses. Also, this indicates that they are vulnerable to the extremes along with their insecurities. What they do is, they are masking these with a skyrocket confidence.

You need to first realize that they used you to boost their ego. You need to do this right from that to learn how to easily crumble them. Focus on their weaknesses, flaws, and shortcomings without directly mocking them. Do this instead of feeding them compliments. 

Treat them how they treat you.

If you want to inflict pain to a narcissist then do the basics, grill them on their dose of own medicine. This is a great way to play with their games, doing exactly what they are doing to you. Be hot and cold to them if they are hot and cold to you. Give them a cold shoulder if they are doing that so. Silently treat them also and keep yourself away from them from time to time. Make yourself busy not to mind spending time with them. This is one thing on what hurts narcissists most.

Just enough attention is enough.

From this, you should not go completely cold towards them. Instead, give them just enough attention to keep their presence around. They will want your validation because of this and it will drive them nuts. So, don’t give them everything. From there, do not await them to change for they won’t as they naturally think they are always right.

Let them doubt your feelings.

As narcissists, they think that you are obsessed with them. They also think that they got you in the palm of their hands. Well, if you did not notice this, we are telling you that this is the entire agenda of their relationship to you. So, you need to place them in a position where they will wonder and question if you are head over heels over them. This is another thing that narcissists most. They want verification and assurance that they are the only ones you dearly want. Thus, it is important to make them pondering if you truly love them.

Find fault in them in front of people.

Try to do this but don’t be too insulting. Only humiliate them a bit and allow them to realize that they are not that intelligent as they think they are. This is one of the best things about what hurt narcissists most. As they are the type of people who seek for relentless approval and ego-booster, you need to do the opposite thing from time to time. Just make sure that you are not too patent and set aside any feelings from it.

Concentrate on yourself.

You should focus on yourself if you want the best blow to them. As they want you to be obsessed with them, they will be deeply hurt when they see you overjoyed, hanging out with other people laughing your heart out and enjoying the best of life.

What they can’t handle about people is self-esteem and self-respect so they would resort to someone weak. They perceive you as vulnerable but you are not, and that stings them.

Don’t look forward to them to change.

Sorry to give you the bad news, but they won’t change anytime soon because basically, they are narcissists. It is a personality disorder. Unless they realize it and finally want to move on with a series of treatment then there’s a chance that they will change. So, this only means that that change should be done on your end.

Carefully come up with the decision if you still want them in your life. If you chose to stay with them, then note that this is a behavior you will be dealing with daily and even for the rest of your life.

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