What to do When an Emotionally Unavailable Man Keeps Coming Back

What to do When an Emotionally Unavailable Man Keeps Coming Back

When an emotionally unavailable man keeps coming back, you will surely have a difficult time determining what to do. For most, it can be difficult to deal with this ordeal because when you start a new relationship, most do not expect it to end.

You still hope that he is going to be the one for you but later find out that he is just another guy who is not worth your love at all.

Emotionally unavailable men are unable to grasp what introspection is all about. It simply means that they lack self-awareness and have a lot of relational needs. Since they find it hard to tap into their emotions, they are not capable to empathize or make their words into actions. Sadly, they are difficult to get over with.

Remember that if a man is emotionally unavailable, he is not going to be serious in a healthy, happy relationship. It is not advisable to waste your time on this type of man since all he will give you is pain along with unanswered questions. The only problem is that ignoring the man is a difficult task, especially if the emotionally unavailable man keeps coming back.

Characteristics of emotionally unavailable men

An emotionally unavailable man has no intention to engage in any conversation especially if feelings are involved. Remember that this is not only applicable to his feelings of love for you but also other emotions such as shame, guilt or pain.

It is vital to note that this man has completely gained the skill of disregarding his negative emotions. If you expect him to feel sad, he appears unengaged and stoic. When his emotions materialize, it is when he starts to attempt to dig or climb over the emotional wall that he has created. An emotionally unavailable man showing this characteristic can be hard to spot. Although he might show a glimpse of emotion now and then, the rest is under control.

  • Hot and cold. Emotionally unavailable men will continuously text you all day for several weeks. You get the impression that he truly likes you. All of a sudden there is silence and there is no response from him. When you are about to give up on him, he returns. Remember that this pattern will continue infinitely.
  • Suffering a loss. If a man recently endured an overwhelming loss, he will surely become emotionally unavailable. Luckily, this reason will pass over time, only if he was emotionally available before.
  • Committed or married. The man might be looking to hook up with someone but does not want to come off like that, so he simply feigns his feelings to attract your attention. The man is guarding his emotions since he is already in a committed relationship.

What should I do when an emotionally unavailable man keeps coming back?

An emotionally unavailable man will never beg just to win your heart back. Essentially, he is a professional when it comes to manipulation and he will always utilize a distinct approach to gain your attention such as showing off, jealousy game or staying as a friend.

Take note that the main purpose of why he shows his best is to make you miss him. Sadly, it is effective in most circumstances. In reality, we are blinded in love and could not think straight. He uses this to his advantage to get his way. 

When an emotionally unavailable man keeps coming back, it is time to take a close look at some of the ways to handle this ordeal and put a stop to his advances once and for all.

Staying out of reach

One way to thwart an emotionally unavailable man on his tracks is to simply walk away. If you had enough, simply tell him directly that you are done with him. Do not make yourself available when he texts or calls you. In case he tries to raise an antic to make you envious, show him that you do not care at all.

Try to ignore his presence or simply give a polite smile if you encounter him in a public place. The bottom line is to stay out of his reach by steering clear from any form of involvement in his games and noxious love.

Focus on the negative aspects of the relationship

If you are with an emotionally unavailable man, most have a lot of bad times. Remember that you will never be his priority and not part of his future.

The best method to steer clear when an emotionally unavailable man keeps coming back is to concentrate on the negatives. Recall the times when you stared blankly at your phone waiting for his message as well as times when he promised everything but left you with nothing.

No contact rule

Whether the man is afraid to show his feelings or not, it is best to end the relationship if you are the only one who sacrifices.

If you fully know who he is, do not make yourself readily available to him. Even if you love him, simply cut him off and do not run to him right away when he drops a text or call.

Do not feel sad if he chooses someone else over you since you are not his only victim. Once you show any sign of mercy, he will surely return.

Remember that it was never you

Always bear in mind that it was not your fault. The inability of the man to commit and remain loyal has no connection with you.

You struggled to make the relationship work out but it just doesn’t seem to work. In a relationship, it requires both partners for it to work but you were the only one working on it.

When the man comes back to you, demanding a second chance or forces you with mind games, always remind yourself that you are better than that. His immature antics do not deserve any of your precious time.

Fixing yourself

Even if you have fallen once, it does not mean that you are going to give up. Just because you believed in the wrong person, it does not necessarily mean that you will keep making the same mistakes.

It is time to fix yourself and move on as a stronger woman. Regardless of the obstacles that you will face, stand your ground and confidently deal with problems along the way. Do not let the emotionally unavailable man weaken you as you continue with your life.

Let’s wrap it up

When an emotionally unavailable man keeps coming back, there are techniques to stop this ordeal. Ignoring this type of man requires a long time since you must make sure that he will not come back again.

Nevertheless, do not presume that emotionally unavailable men are wicked individuals. They can be good men who behave properly in a relationship, but only if they want to make the right changes.

On the other hand, if the man does not act as your partner the way he is supposed to, you are simply wasting your time.

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