What to Expect from a Libra Man in Bed?

A Libra man is said to be passionate and romantic. That’s why women love them. They also prefer to be loved. A relationship with him should be give-and-take.

Want to know what a Libra man wants? Let’s get to know him better and discover the answer to the question: “What do Libras like sexually?”.

Libra male personality

Before knowing what Libras like in bed, let’s look at his personality first. Libra men love to be around with people. You’ll often find them having a large group of friends (sometimes even different groups of friends). They are rarely alone. They like hanging out with friends and having a good time.

They have the ability to think quickly and they love freedom. Libra men like to chat, so be prepared for long, interesting conversations with them. What a Libra man wants is someone who can keep up with the conversation or else he will get bored.

Libra men have a strong sense of justice. They want everyone to be contented so they usually try to even things. They want things to be fair.

However, they may also have a hard time coming up with a decision as they tend to spend a lot of time weighing both sides. They are prone to being indecisive, so they appreciate a partner who can help them make a decision, especially if it’s about a difficult matter.

When it comes to Libra men and their feelings, they are hopeless romantics. And although they have a tendency to be flirtatious, once they find “the One”, they can cultivate the relationship and make it last. A Libra man deep inside is sweet, sincere and sensitive. When a Libra likes you, you can experience some of the most romantic moments you’ll ever have.

Libra man in bed

Libras like foreplay. They are patient and they want to satisfy their partner in bed. They are imaginative and they want erotic foreplay. Dirty talks can also be part of it. You may ask kinky questions to arouse him and engage him in dirty talk. But if you feel like the foreplay is getting too long, don’t hesitate to tell him. Libras like women who know what they want.

They are also very skilled in bed. If you want to have really satisfying sex, no doubt the Libra man can give you pleasure. His favorite technique involves his tongue and he likes to play with it as he explores your body. He likes oral sex. He may also find a woman’s butt very attractive and sexy, so better flaunt your assets in front of your Libra man.

Libras are adventurous in bed, too. They will explore every inch and curve in your body and try new and wild things to keep you happy. They will make sure you experience a high sexual pleasure.

Don’t be surprised if your Libra man suggests that you make a hot, steamy video, as he may like recording the act. But if you are not comfortable, tell him how you feel. If you are, then enjoy the Libra man’s increased sexual arousal because of the video.

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A Libra man likes to be dominant in bed. He likes to have power over his partner. But he may also be open to being submissive. Don’t be afraid to explore and find out what he likes. Every once in a while, you can be the dominant one and try your own techniques with him.

If you’re thinking about his stamina, a Libra man may last for a long time. He has the stamina to make love with you all night. Remember what we said about Libra men wanting to satisfy their partner in bed?

Aside from that, he may also be into morning sex. You can expect him to start touching you and trailing kisses on your neck to wake you up. So prepare to have a hot, sizzling morning with this passionate man.

Now that you know what to expect from him in bed, here are some tips on how to keep a Libra man interested:

1. Be romantic.

Libra men love romance, but don’t let them do all the work. One of the signs that a Libra loves you is that they are ready and will do things to sweep you off your feet. But you also have to do your share. Tell him sweet things. Compliment him. Surprise him. Bring on the romance.

2. Be beautiful.

Want to know what Libra men want? Libra men love anything beautiful – art, music, environment, and most especially women. So make sure you stay beautiful. Exert some effort to look extra hot for him. Put on some makeup, have your nails done, and wear nice clothes that will emphasize your beauty. They will surely appreciate your efforts and your beauty.

3. Don’t wait until he’s bored.

Remember that Libra men are good conversationalists. They like trivia and they can talk about almost anything. Don’t let him get bored. Engage in a good and interesting conversation with him.

When you’re in bed, keep things interesting. Be adventurous, as Libra men like trying out new things to satisfy their partner. You can try new positions with him, or even try to have sex outside the bedroom.

4. Seduce him.

Just as they love pleasing their partner, you also have to satisfy your man in bed. You can start doing that by seducing your Libra man. Wear that sexy lingerie and ask him to guess what you’re wearing. Give him a sensual massage (he’d probably give you one, too!). “Accidentally” touch him in his manly parts. Since Libra men like butts, flaunt yours by wearing lace or satin and rub your butt against him. Your Libra man will surely reward you later on.

Knowing what your Libra man wants and how he’s like in bed can help you have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with him. You don’t need to be a perfect partner, but he will surely appreciate it if you can be his equal in bed. Let him pleasure you too, and you’ll enjoy every moment of it.

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