What Will Happen if You Stop Chasing a Man?

What Will Happen if You Stop Chasing a Man?

Chasing someone who no longer has interests in you makes you seem desperate, which is not a good thing. It lowers your self-worth and it will lead you in a depressing situation. If the guy likes you he will definitely show signs that he does. He will make all those sweet efforts to woo you and not leave you feeling desperate for him. Otherwise, no matter what effort you put into him if he is not interested then your efforts a waste of time.

We need to also think about ourselves and not just focus if a guy also likes us that we tend to go overboard and do all those crazy stuff that seems pretty annoying to them. Once you stop paying attention to guys who aren’t interested you will realize that life will be even better without them.

Here are some of the things that you will eventually realize or feel if you stop chasing a guy who is not interested in you:

You will realize it was a waste of time

When you stop chasing a person who is no longer interested in you, you will realize that life is much easier without them. You will realize that they aren’t worth it and they’re just a waste of your precious time. 

Much more free time

If you stop chasing someone who is no longer interested, you get to have a lot more free time. Instead of wasting your time thinking of ways on how to get him back why not spend your time with yourself and hang out with your friends. Yes, he made you happy; but he’s no longer here with you so why waste your time on him when you can have more time with yourself. Don’t wallow on things that could have been instead, enjoy the moment that you have now. You will eventually realize that it’s not worth it to live in the past. 

You stop feeling bad about yourself

When you realize that he’s not coming back, you tend to think of the things that you have done or haven’t done to make him leave you. It’s just normal for you to feel sorry or feel bad about yourself. But when you come to terms that he is no longer coming back; you start to realize that you are better off without him and you can be fine on your own. You still have your friends; your family there to make you feel better.

It boosts your self-esteem

When you start to realize that chasing after him will do you no good, it will definitely make you feel better and you will start to realize the things that you have been missing. When the time comes that you will realize that him leaving you is not a loss; you get to redeem yourself and you will definitely feel good about it and your self-worth and self-esteem will skyrocket back to the way it was before.

You can finally have time for guys who are actually interested in you

When you finally realize that you are better off without that guy, you also get to realize that there are guys just right around the corner waiting for you to notice them. Guys which are actually interested in you.

You go on fewer bad dates

This time you will be vigilant since you already know the characteristics of a guy who is actually interested in you and a guy who just pretends to be interested in you. Since you already know what to look for you get to avoid those guys that aren’t really into you. It will definitely save you time getting to know someone who is not that into you.

Less frustration

Being stressed over a guy who is not interested in you takes a toll on you. The more that you are with him the more frustrated you are on thinking of things that you could do in order for his attitude towards you will change. Being able to let go of that type of person will definitely remove a lot of emotional weight on you. It will make you less frustrated and more relaxed.

Relationship anxiety fades

When you stop being in a relationship with someone not into you, you get to feel stress-free. Being in love is supposed to be fun and exciting not anxiety-inducing.

You complain less

When you are with a person who’s uninterested; you tend to complain a lot about his behavior whenever you are together. How many times do you have to complain to your friends about his behavior towards you every time you are together? Isn’t it a bit exhausting to you and your friends if that’s what you keep on telling them every time you guys hang out? 

Sometimes we may not realize that we are in a toxic relationship; because our judgment is blinded by how we feel towards that person. Toxic people are just that, toxic. You can’t change them unless they want to change their own point of view. No matter what you do they will most likely find ways on how they can end their relationship with you. You will never achieve happiness if you keep on justifying their actions with reasons that aren’t even true.

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When you stop chasing a guy who is not interested in you; things will be much easier for you. You will no longer feel frustrated about anything; no more anxiety and you get to actually be happy with yourself and the decisions that you make. Being in a relationship where you are the only person who is that interested enough to give the effort to make the relationship work will definitely drain you. 

Always remember that not all people who show interest in you are actually interested in you. Some just want to toy around with your feelings; and some will just use you to make them forget about something or someone in their past. Some signs may be obvious from the start when it’s too obvious to get out as soon as you can.

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