Why do Couples Break Up Because of Long Distance

Why do Couples Break Up Because of Long Distance

Living in a long-distance relationship would mean that you are living in a different world, but because of your love and commitment; your world becomes one. Some people have this notion that when you are in a long-distance relationship; there are small chances that your relationship will further prosper. This may be true for some but there are also success stories that battled the effects of being in a long-distance relationship.

Like a usual relationship; being in a long-distance relationship is also confronted with some issues that may be difficult to solve if you and your partner are apart from each other. You should have an idea about the possible reason for break up so that you would know what to expect if you are confronted with this situation. In this article; we’ll talk about the common reasons why long-distance relationships do not turn out to be successful.

How difficult it is to move on from a long distance break up?

Every kind of break-up no matter what the reason behind it is heart-breaking, especially if you have shared memories with that person. Studies show that when you and your partner break up mainly because of the distance; time and physical connections, the moving on process tends to be easier because you know that is the best for both of you at the moment. Compared to other long-distance breaks up reasons where there are infidelity or trust issues involved; if this is the case; then moving on process is quite hard because you have a lot of questions in mind that are usually accompanied by bitterness. 

Common reasons why couples break up due to long-distance

  • Problem with communication

One of the things couples need to agree upon in a long-distance relationship is the communication schedule. Communication is an issue especially if one can’t comply with it especially when it comes to time zone issues. At first; both of you show efforts just to have some time to bond with each other through social media platforms but as time goes by, due to personal priorities or some errands; this habit is totally taken for granted.

  • Social life differences

If your partner goes to another place to work or to finish school, there might be some differences in your ways because of the busy schedule. Before; when you are still together, you tend to update your partner always with all your activities or errands; now that you are in a long-distance relationship; both of you are no longer updated with the day-to-day events that are happening that is why issues such as infidelity and jealousy are not avoided.

  • Financial Issues

If your partner lives a couple of hours away from your address, you or your partner need to spend money just to see each other often because of traveling expenses. If you both don’t have a budget; there is a possibility that your relationship will suffer as well. Sometimes love isn’t cheap; you must all have the means to be happy.

  • Lack of intimacy

Intimacy is important for partners. Sex is a worthwhile experience for you to have bonding and it is a way to release the tension that you are experiencing. However, in a long-distance relationship, you and your partner may engage in some erotic sessions via phone sex but if your partner is not loyal enough; they tend to fantasize about sex even with other people leading to deceitfulness. Lack of intimacy does not only pertain to sex but it also covers your social and emotional connections. 

  • Nobody is willing to sacrifice

If you two have careers in different directions; one must sacrifice so that the relationship will not suffer. However, the problem arises if no one is willing to sacrifice. This is a big decision to make because you would really have to ponder if sacrificing your career and some part of your life for love is all worth it. There are success stories while some ended up miserable especially if the relationship still ended.

  • No exact date when you will be together again

Usually, some relationships that have to go through long distance has an end date so that you have something to look forward to. However, there are some instances where there is no specific timeframe for your reunion date; if that’s the case, you may feel hopeless because you don’t know what to expect.

  • Growing apart

Having a long-distance relationship means that you are living your life differently, you and your partner have their own progress that makes you in different stages of life. With the progress that is happening in your lives, it can’t be avoided that one will change. After a long time that you haven’t been reunited; you might feel awkward because of the differences that you both weren’t able to track.

  • Trust

The trust that you give your partner in staying loyal and committed is a big factor. Sometimes the trust you give your partner is tested when suddenly you get jealous of an event or a person. If in any case you or your partner broke this trust, it can’t be rebuilt easily.

What do couples deal with a long-distance relationship?

  • Decision-making. It is difficult to come up with a mutual decision for a certain thing especially when it comes to your future because you are no longer in the same context. This usually happens for those who are LDR for quite some time now. Although there are couples that are still good partners with decision-making; there are also those that have the inability to function well without the presence of the other.
  • No longer in the same context of life. If your partner in another country; you need to cater to a lot of hindrances such as the culture where your partner is, the weather, time zones, people, etc. You need to have big adjustments just to relate to each other’s context.
  • Physical proximity needs. There are some events wherein your presence as a couple is necessary such as family gatherings and friendship gatherings, medical matter consultations and of course the need for sex.

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