Why do Men Pull Away After Falling in Love?

Sometimes, women tend to ask these questions for it happening again and again. One day, you are so happy, being courted consistently, and the feeling of being loved. Then one day, out of nowhere, they disappear! It feels like you want to be angry but you have no right to because first and foremost, you two have no labels after all.

If you happen to experience being left hanging by a guy whom you kind of fell in love with, and wanted to know the answers to your questions, this article will discuss some of the reasons why men pull away when they’re falling in love. No hard feelings, you are done with him already and lesson learned. 

Men are afraid to lose their freedom

Some men aren’t willing to give up their freedom for their partner. This means men are still living the life they’ve always dreamed of without having to ask consistently the consent of their partners. This is sometimes the primary reason why men pull away because girls are so demanding of their attention that men are sometimes not willing to lose it.

Men don’t want long term relationships or long term commitment

Sounds unfair, right? Men just don’t want a relationship that lasts too long. Often, they just want companionship without commitment. But we are not generalizing all men in this world because some only want for their partner to just being around the corner and not controlling things on how to do this and do that. So, when this happens, men try to pull away.

Men think they are incompatible 

When getting to know the stage is already commencing, men don’t compromise a lot compared to women. So, when one of you has misunderstandings such as religions, beliefs, and principles, men think you are both incompatible with each other. Men like women that they’re compatible with, without any compromises.

Men are focused on their career

Achieving their goals is one of the primary goals of men when men feel that being in a relationship may hinder their goals, they often pull the trigger and pull away. Men are conscious of how people feel so achieving success may boost their egos and feel superior. Sometimes when men are successful enough, they don’t feel the need to be in a relationship because they think they have everything life, but sometimes it’s the other way around. 

Men sometimes need a break from reality

Men drift in and out of reality. Sometimes they want it, but sometimes not. This sometimes happens to more career-oriented men. When their careers are getting toxic and stressful, men find relationships to escape reality. Men need affection too.

Men don’t think that you are the one

When men find flaws in you, they think you are not the one. They run away and find someone else. This often occurs when both of you have different ideas. As mentioned above, men long for women who love what they want and who can see them eye to eye. 

Men feel they don’t deserve your love

Sometimes, men give their all for the love of their life, but sometimes it isn’t being reciprocated. Maybe, the other one is busy or maybe she doesn’t show her affection that much. Men sometimes assume that when their love isn’t being reciprocated and assume things that things aren’t going too well with them, and they have the tendency to fall off and pull away.

His family doesn’t like you

In some cases, this is one of the problems. When you don’t gel too well with the family. Sometimes, the family always has something to say, and when it is negative you pull away. It’s harder to deal with family in terms of a relationship. Family’s opinion sometimes means much to men as they too need to please their parents to have a smoother relationship and, in the future, a smoother family life.

Men think you are too good for him

A man sometimes pulls away from you because they think you’re just too good for them. If a man feels inferior to their partner, they don’t like it. For example, if you are more intellectually capable or financially stable than him, a man feels intimidated. Sometimes financial status determines the level of happiness a relationship has.

Men need their lives to be in order

Men’s lives are not that stressful as compared to women. It is just up to you if you succumb to pressure. Men sometimes need their lives to be in order, financial security, socially adept, etc. When men feel that they’re still not the man they’re supposed to be, they succumb to pressure. Thus, pulling away. When men feel discontent within himself, he needs to gather himself and push further in order not to feel the void. 

Men are not sure if you are the one 

Men overthinks a lot. Maybe you are too good or too bad, he sees things/actions differently from his perspective. Maybe he thinks, maybe you are not the one because of your behavior, your beliefs and ideas or maybe you have contradicting personalities. 

Men are stressed

With social standards, family pressure, career paths. Sometimes this all leads up to not being able to fully accept your duty as a partner and just pull away to avoid the necessary repercussions. When men are stressed, they tend to drift away and be with themselves, drinking with friends, doing sports to alleviate the stress. Sometimes when they do this activity, they forget that they too have their partners to deal thus adding more stress and eventually pull away from all the distractions of life,

Wrapping up

There are many reasons why men pull away. Sometimes the answers to the questions are within you. If you can’t find it, you let the relationship go to waste. But if you find it, you can draw him closer to you and have a stable relationship. Sometimes, it’s not you, because most of the time, it is about them. 

So, start asking questions, let it all out, if you truly want him, find a way and go for him! If it doesn’t work your way, just move on because there are a lot of guys in this world. Be with someone who knows your worth and who sees the future with you. 

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