Why he Hasn’t Texted me in 2 Days?

Why he Hasn’t Texted me in 2 Days?

A guy or your boyfriend hasn’t texted you in 2 days? Is there a reason to panic? Is he up to something? Are you freaking out the fact that he hasn’t made his presence felt on your phone? Ghosting is a terrible thing. The question “I haven’t heard from him in two days, should I text him?” or “He hasn’t texted me in 2 weeks” will be discussed here in this article.

There are things you should, and also things you shouldn’t do. Sometimes, pressing the panic button doesn’t help at all. The agony of being anxious is there, but sometimes over-thinking may lead to other issues. Are you asking yourself what you did wrong that made him not text you in 2days that made him vanish? There are a lot of reasons why he didn’t text you back. Maybe he is just busy or is afraid that opening up conversation with could end up conversations that could last a day.

Sometimes, guys just want to have a “little chat” not the other way around wherein both of you are glued to your phones the whole day. Or maybe he doesn’t value texting as much as you do. When in a relationship, communication is important. Point is if you aren’t in a relationship and you are so flustered as to why he hasn’t texted you in 2 days shouldn’t worry you. 

When a guy doesn’t text back for days, there are specific signs that should and shouldn’t worry you about. In this article, we’ll talk about the signs on why He hasn’t texted you back in 2 days or more.

Reasons why he stopped texting you

There aren’t enough valid excuses as to why he hasn’t text you back, but there are reasons why he’s stopped communicating with you.

  • He’s not interested in you anymore and thinks that if he stops texting you, it will make you go away. Some guys have these personalities that when they don’t like it anymore, they’ll just disappear, no chat, no text, no call. 
  • If he hasn’t texted you after hooking up, maybe he’s in a relationship and hasn’t told you yet, maybe the guy is cheating with his girlfriend and just wants to have sex with you.  And maybe realized that having an affair isn’t the best way to go. While this certain situation, you dodged a bullet, it doesn’t help to feel down on ourselves.
  • He’s just busy with his work, maybe he needs to make his target and losing certain amounts of time that he needs to focus on his career at the moment in order to fulfill his’ boss’ needs. But if he hasn’t texted in 10 days, you should come see him personally.
  • He just wants to be alone and wants the feeling that he’s single again; some guys do this. When they’re not in a relationship, they just want to feel like single again. He just wants to have ME TIME all by himself. It’s either binge-watching movies, Netflix, or just wants a day off. If he hasn’t contacted you in a month, there’s a major problem.
  •  Maybe he’s into you but not ready yet, maybe he is just testing the waters if it’s okay to be in a relationship again. When guys have bad breakups, they tend to test the waters if the feelings are already gone.

There are also a ton of things you can do, when a guy skips a day texting or when he’s texting less. Sometimes, talking to a guy almost every day to never speaking a single word is hard. He may eventually text you again in time, just don’t do something stupid and reckless. Should you text him back? That decision solely lies on your shoulders. In the next topic, we will discuss the things you must do when he hasn’t texted you back in days.

Things to do to win him back

If he has stopped texting or calling you, should I text him back after he ignored me for days or Is he waiting for me to text him? Do these simple things in order to win him back.

  • If there is no text back after two days, don’t flood text him, a text or two wouldn’t annoy them much. But there’s a reason why he hasn’t texted you for days. Bombarding him with texts will only push him away from you. It may sound foolish, but don’t go looking like a little crazy.
  • Send a simple text, it will be good to send a casual text to him. A plain text would do. In this case, you are just hoping he’ll respond. If you send messages with bad intentions will only push him away. 
  • Reach out to him, try to see him in person. In this way, you will leave him with no choice but to speak with you. In this way, you’ll know what is making him not text you. Unusual activities may be detected.
  •  If your guy has no text back after 2 days, don’t wait for forever, if you can do it now, do it! Sometimes, going with your gut feeling is the key. Ask what is wrong and ask his honest opinion as to why he hasn’t texted you for days.
  • Move on when a guy doesn’t show much interest in you. Forget him and move on. The more you think about it, the more the situation would be a drag. Do something else, focus on what lies ahead. Don’t make yourself look like a fool.
  • If his messages are cold, maybe you have done something wrong. Ask yourself, in the past couple of days, is there a scenario wherein he was troubled with what you did to him.

Wrapping up

He hasn’t texted you in 2 days? there is more solution to these problems, it is all up to you how to make things work. The question you ask yourself, “Should I text him back after he ignored me for days”, should answer some of these questions in this article. When he doesn’t text back for days, some reasons are good, some are not. But always bother to ask, in this little way your anxiety will be put to rest. If you haven’t heard from him all day, the simple way is to just let him be if you are important to him, he will communicate with you.

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