Why is he Hot or Cold?

Why is he Hot or Cold?

When you start to date someone, there are these expectations that come along the way. Like, getting good morning texts, responds to your chat frequently, calls you to ask if you’re okay. But sometimes, men do the opposite things and makes you wonder why they do that? Is there something wrong? Have you done something that bothered him? 

If you notice that a guy is being hot or cold with you, then this article is best for you. Learn and understand why he is feeling that way and get to know if there are things you need to change for yourself. Here are some of the reasons why he is hot and cold for you.

He starts to lose interest in you

Most guys when they’re dating, give their attention, affection, and everything. But, when they found out something within your past, men tend to be cold. For example, when you still have issues with your ex, and both of you and your ex hasn’t resolved it and it’s brought upon to him, men are bothered that’s why they tend to be cold because you are not saying things that should’ve been said in the first place. Men do have trust issues too. So be careful when entering relationships when you are not ready for a new chapter.

He’s dealing with some personal problems or issues

When guys are preoccupied, they’re focused on dealing with those issues, so that the issue doesn’t drag on. So when this happens, give him space and time. Respect his needs about having space. When he does settle the issue, you’ll find him longing for you and seeking your attention. Don’t bother asking questions, as it helps with your curiosity. Tell him you have good intentions of helping, in this way men think that you are there when they hit rock bottom. So never hesitate!

He just wanted sex with no commitments

These are frequent in recent years. Wherein, couples or pseudo couples only want sex whenever they want without the fear of commitment. They only want each other’s bodies without fully committing themselves for long term purposes. When a guy wants, he’ll do everything just to please, this time he’s hotter than usual, but when he gets you and have sex with, he’ll treat differently if his motives are only to have sex with you. He might text you occasionally, but his behavior might change the moment you give yourself in. 

He wants to put on the breaks

When a guy starts to win you over, they start full force in the beginning. Sometimes, when he’s won you over, he’ll settle things back and pull up a bit. Momentum is the key; men sometimes don’t have the consistency to court you almost every day, so when you think he’s being cold, maybe he’s just up to something. So, don’t bother to ask questions again and again. Guys want to tone things down a bit and not be too hasty. Relationships don’t happen overnight. It’s a beautiful process, a lifelong journey. And it will be worth it if you fight for it.

He thinks you are not the one

This is one of the primary reasons why he’s not into you. They’ll never know if you’re the one for him. Sometimes, they don’t have the luxury of time to deal with things accordingly. When guys find the missing piece in their lives, sometimes it just won’t fit, maybe it is not you or maybe he just realized that this relationship won’t work in the long haul. You may be an amazing person inside and out, but sometimes you aren’t the exact person he’s looking for.

He thinks you are pushing him away

In most cases, during the early parts of dating, women play hard to get the role. They assume that if the guy wants them, they’ll do everything and anything just to get them. In some cases, men are often being misled with these guys think you don’t like them. Sometimes, girls are too pushy. Guys assume other things, so then he tends to drift away and show less affection because of your actions. This happens when girls aren’t that much interested in guys whom they’re dating, but during the process, they’ll eventually like the guy for their eagerness and perseverance to win their hearts.

He’s insecure

When a woman is so financially secure, socially and spiritually stable, guys feel inferior upon themselves. They think you don’t need them; this comes when a guy thinks you don’t need a man like them because you’ve achieved already what you wanted in life. They’ll think they are just a nuisance and may only affect your progress in achieving your goals. Sometimes, insecurities and doubts ruin relationships. Don’t bother asking what’s bothering them or what’s bugging them. Never let the fear of rejection comes in to play. Always remember that relationships work within 2 people, not with the most financially secured one. Whenever guys feel this, they’ll run cold and feel helpless. Never let your man feel this way, always encourage and help him in ways possible. Sometimes, men need to feel like a man in a relationship.

He’s just testing his ego

One of the reasons why guys go hot and cold is because of his ego. Guys want to test their egos, for some instances, guys want to try to date you think that they have a shot at winning you over. And when they do, they’ll turn cold. It’s a very terrible thing to do for guys, some guys need ego-boosting activities to lift themselves or them low self-esteem. Some men are selfish enough and later pull away, they’re just examining their self-worth.

Wrapping up 

There are a lot of reasons why men go hot and cold. Maybe it’s them, maybe it’s you. But most importantly, never hesitate to ask questions! Early detection of issues may resolve once it’s discovered. Do everything in your power to make amends, do things far more you can imagine if you loved the guy. Find the reasons, figure things out, work your way through and be positive that better days are coming!

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