Why is he Ignoring my Texts? Check out the 7 Reasons Why!

Why is he Ignoring my Texts? Check out the 7 Reasons Why!

You met someone, you start talking to each other and everything seems going along just fine. You are talking and texting daily but all of a sudden, he stops replying to you. What could that possibly mean? 

Maybe you try to keep your cool but when the messages didn’t come for a while, you start to panic. You can’t help but think that maybe you did something that turned him off or he’s seeing someone else. That is definitely stressful for the girls’ part when she can’t stop thinking as to why he is ignoring her texts.

Keep in mind, though, that there are actually many possibilities for this situation. There are actually different values of texts that you need to know. But don’t panic just yet. The sooner you know why he’s ignoring your text messages, the better. 

Though it could mean many different things, here are 7 possible reasons as to why he’s ignoring your texts all of a sudden:

He’s really busy

When a man doesn’t reply to your messages, but after a few hours or days, has eventually got back to you, is no big deal. It is because maybe he’s really busy at the moment. Maybe he has good reasons for ignoring your texts for a while. Life is really busy and it happens sometimes. But take note that if he didn’t reply after weeks or months, then gets back saying he’s busy, then don’t be too naive for that excuse. How busy could he be when he can’t even find time to reply to you within a few months. 

He’s not really interested in you

When he doesn’t message you back or replies with only one word, it could possibly mean he’s not interested in you. Maybe he doesn’t want to be straight up mean and tell you but many guys drop hints. If he doesn’t reply then most probably he’s not interested and you can save your heart by moving forward. 

He has someone else

This is one of the most possible or one of the first things that women come in mind when all of a sudden a man doesn’t reply with her messages anymore. Maybe he is into someone else. If you want to confirm it, you can ask him directly. You want to know the truth, so it’s safe enough that you will make a move.

It’s getting too serious too fast, so he’s taking a step back. 

The truth is relationships differ. Some move at fast speed while others take some more time. If you are getting close and your messages are becoming too serious, he might step back because he’s afraid of so many emotions developing. Some men are just cowards, and if all of a sudden they stop replying to you, then he probably is gone for good. Or you can think that sometimes men can be weird specially when they are not yet sure of what they are feeling. They might feel that it’s moving too quickly and might send a signal to slow it down a bit.

He really sucks at texting

Some guys are really not into texting. This can be obvious when he doesn’t have any personality with his texts and even admit that he hates texting in general. You might not understand that, but that is true to some people at least. But the good side is he might actually like you. You might find that he shows genuine interest to you when you are talking in person. But this is challenging on your part, you still need to make sure that he actually likes you. 

He is playing ghost

When he stops texting you completely without any explanation to you, then he is playing ghost. This means that he is not into you anymore and he can’t say it directly so he just went missing in your life. He pretends that he doesn’t know you at all.

He has nothing to say anymore

He maybe got bored and doesn’t bother saying goodbye properly. Sometimes he has nothing left to say, so the reply didn’t come and the conversation just ended. He was lost for words and decided not to say anything anymore. If after a while, he messages you again, it might also mean that he just didn’t know what to say before that. But if you didn’t receive any message, then it’s about time to move forward. 

What should do?

Don’t go nuts

When he’s ignoring your texts, the worst thing you can do is flood him with messages. That is actually the easiest way to push him away. Make sure you don’t come off as desperate when you are frustrated about it. Don’t overflood his inbox. Just don’t do it.

Send him a casual text

It doesn’t feel desperate when you send him a casual text to ask what’s he’s been up to. If he doesn’t reply for a couple of days, then don’t bother anymore, he doesn’t like you. Don’t get mad or demand him. Move forward like it’s no big deal.

Don’t post in social media about it

This can get you in trouble. Avoid posting something you will regret later on. Posting can make the problem or issue bigger. It’s between you and him, don’t make it public. By not posting anything, you are showing that you are mature enough to handle it.

When you are completely sure now that he is ignoring your text messages because he doesn’t like you, then it’s time to cut the string and move on. Get on with your life and stop giving him your attention. If he’s not giving his time to you, then he doesn’t deserve your time. Move on with your life, in no time you will meet someone who will truly deserve you.

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