Will He Ever Come Back After Disappearing?

This question pops to mind again and again, will he ever come back after disappearing? Some say yes, some say no. But deep down in ourselves, we know the answer, some don’t.  Many people will come and go in your life, but the ones who’ll be staying will matter the most. Maybe you’ve been experiencing this over and over again. It is always important to know the truth, is it with them? Or is it with you? Sometimes, this situation takes a toll on yourself; you are deprived of happiness. Maybe they have problems, maybe you have too. In this article, we cite instances or signs if he will ever come back to you.

There is always a question at the back of our minds like, ‘Will he ever come back after disappearing?’ If you have experienced to be left upon or left you hanging, this article will help you understand the possible reasons why he just suddenly disappeared. Learn the different factors why people will walk away without telling you their reasons. 

Why do guys disappear? 

Little did we know, guys have their reasons why they just suddenly disappear. They have thoughts also about coming back after disappearing. Check at these common reasons to know their reasons and to answer if they are coming back to you after disappearing. 

You two are unofficial 

When this reason comes to mind, guys don’t usually have the patience to court you almost all the time. Maybe they got tired and rested or maybe not. So maybe he disappeared because he wants to try something new. There are still no commitments yet. But sometimes girls have to deal with it because they’re more like the ones who cared.

He is not ready to be in a relationship yet 

Some guys just want to be in a pseudo-relationship. The mutual feelings are there but not total commitment. Maybe he just wants sex for the time being. Maybe he just needs the affection but not committing long term. There are no breakups so it is awkward, but the feelings are there. Maybe he just went out of his way because it is getting too serious.

He is busy with his job 

This happens when the guy is usually career-oriented. He values himself more than anything. He may set his goals before you were dating. It may sound selfish but maybe what’s best for him at the moment and doesn’t prioritize to have a relationship. Maybe he lacks the time of commitment with you, or you’ll just add up to the stress he’s having because of his work.

You are not his priority

Maybe his parents are one of his highest priorities at the moment. Sometimes men value the time given by their parents. It’s their way of saying thank you for all the hard work they have done to mold you on what you become. Maybe he’s just a family-oriented man, and maybe having a relationship may disrupt his good intention with his parents.

He has another woman 

Maybe you’re just not his type. Maybe it is your attitude or physical traits. One of the reasons why men leave because of having another girl.  It hurts but you have to accept the fact that they are men, they are easily tempted by all the girls in the world.

Some other guys will also come back after disappearing. There are a lot of reasons why. And here we’ll tackle the signs if he ever comes back to you.

Signs of him coming back 

Yes, there is also a sign that you two will get back together. Check out these signs to answer your question if he is ever going to come back after disappearing. 

He tries to pursue you again

It will always be the first sign if he ever wants to be in your arms again. Maybe after a breakup, he needed time for himself and to heal. But once he wants to reconnect with you through chats, emails, text, this will likely lead to more conversations and eventually getting back together again. Maybe he wants to reconnect with you because he’s eager to discuss with you what went wrong and how to fix things again.

He constantly reminds you in his social media 

Maybe he posts memories of you and him being together. Maybe, he’s hoping you see it and hope you like it. In this subtle way, he wants to be back in your arms again.

He asks about how your day went 

Just a simple text of asking how your day went will always do wonders. It’s always a sign that he wants to be back in your arms again. If he starts these casual talks with you, it is one of the telling signs that he wants to be back with you. We do have life goals, life to live. But if you find him constantly trying to get your attention, trust me, he wants to be back!

He apologized for what happened

It is one of the clear signs when he wants to come back. He apologizes for things that had happened and has taken full responsibility for them. When guys sincerely apologize, he wants to make the relationship work again. Maybe you just had a bad agreement and spoke words that resulted in a breakup. But when he truly loves you, he’ll come back.

He talks to your friends about you 

When guys ask the question with your friends asking them how are you, it’s also a clear-cut sign that he stills think of you. This is a sign that he wants to reconnect with you. By doing this, he surely is taking the step by step process to have you back.

He keeps tabs on you with your family

Who would think that your guy wants to contact your family when you just broke up? It’s a sign that he wants to get back, but first, he wants your family to know that you are persevering to get things in order.

He’s commenting on your social media

A simple like or comment would do the trick. When he wants your attention, he’d do everything just to get that. A sign that he’s coming back.

Wrapping up

There are a lot of reasons why your man disappears. Surely you would feel very unimportant and taken for granted, but you never know what are his reasons. Just respect it. You know the drill when that happens. Don’t close your door yet especially if you can’t still get over him. There a lot of signs too that he will come back. Be sure to know all the signs to address the issue. Just respect one another’s decisions and everything will be just fine. 

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