Will he Leave Her for me?

Being in love is hard. But it is even harder when he’s with someone else. That’s the problem of being the other woman. You may wonder, “Would he wants to leave his girlfriend for me?”, or “How long should I wait for him to leave his girlfriend?”. You are so in love with him but you need to realize a painful truth that he might never leave his girlfriend for you. 

Here are 4 painful reasons why he won’t leave his girlfriend and how it will actually help you:

  • Realize and accept that he might never leave his girlfriend for you
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Maybe you have tried a fling that lasts for half a year but he just doesn’t want to settle yet. Then you realize that he is with another woman all this time. Or you meet a guy you know is in a relationship but continues to flirt with you. You might ask “Why won’t he leave me alone he has a girlfriend?”. But the truth is, you are letting him to that to you so he thinks you are fine with that setup. Realize and expect the painful truth that he may never his girlfriend for you.

  • You are investing in something that may not exist

Her girlfriend has been there for him for many years and he is not going to replace her with you. He has a long term girlfriend. You are maybe just a part of his past time. You are not building something that is real. That is one of the reasons why he won’t leave his girlfriend. Is it wrong to date someone with a girlfriend? Yes, it is. It’s better to stop getting involved with guys like this. In the end, you will just end up getting hurt.

  • This guy has commitment issues

You are having an affair with someone then you found out he has a girlfriend. You are now doubting his ability to make a commitment. If he is like that with her present girlfriend, why would you think you are different from all the girls? This is one of the signs he’s a player.  This guy has feelings for you but has a girlfriend. He is being unfaithful to his girlfriend so he might do it to you as well in the future. So if he has commitment issues, then you are just wasting both of your time.

  • He can leave you anytime and won’t get any penalty

He is not committed to you and let that sink in. One of the reasons why he won’t leave his girlfriend is because he can have both worlds and he can leave you whenever he wants. Don’t waste your time thinking about how to go from side chick to main. You may think, “Will walking away make him realize that he needs me?” The answer is no. He just wants you as time allows him to. Know what you are getting to and whatever you do, this guy has a girlfriend. The fact that he is doing this only means that he can as well do that to you if you end up together. 

I know it’s tough to endure the pain and doing so many efforts while playing as second fiddle, just staying in the sidelines and work on minimal terms with a committed man. For many women who find themselves in a situation like that can relate to the feeling of longing to be the main woman in his life. Though at first, you may reason,  being on the sideline and just staying in quiet is enough for you, you will not help your feelings to progress.

You may now want validation and to pursue the guy also known as the cheater to leave his girlfriend for you. But the question you want to ask yourself is, “Does he wants to leave his girlfriend for me?” As you can see in the list above, maybe no. And if yes, I don’t think you will benefit in along run. A relationship that started from wrong beginnings doesn’t succeed. And even if it lasts for a while, you will not be totally happy and at peace, because deep inside, you know that you have hurt someone and that you did a bad thing. 

Now, you may want to reconsider your decisions from the beginning. You getting involved with someone who is committed to someone else. Even if that person is very charming, nice and you have many reasons to like him, you can get yourself out of that emotional attachment for a while and look at him objectively. What does this tell you about the character and principle of this guy? Now that his girlfriend can’t trust him unknowingly that he has an affair, can you really trust him as well? What assurance do you have that what he did to his current girlfriend, he will not do to you in the future? And how about your character as well. Are you the type of woman who just hit on anyone including those who are already committed? 

Don’t be fooled by his promises or his sayings of love to you. Remember to believe the actions more than the words. You are maybe some of the women who don’t know in the beginning that you are not the only one and you are actually the second woman in his life. Instead of calling it quits and breaking up with him, you may want to become a martyr and continue the relationship. But remember the infidelity that he did. You can no longer trust him. It is a clear sign that he’s a player. 

So, choose a wiser and better decision. Something that you can leave with. You deserve someone loyal and trustworthy. And be loyal and trustworthy as well so you can deserve someone like that in the future.

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