Women Safety: 15 Safety Tips You Should Know as a Woman

Women Safety: 15 Safety Tips You Should Know as a Woman

Are you comfortable enough to walk alone or run an errand alone as a woman? Do you know some personal safety awareness tips or tips for being safe as a woman? Do you know what to do if some hidden danger presents itself while you are alone? Do you know some women’s safety and self-defense so that you can guarantee your safety and your family’s safety?  

In this age, there is a lot of news around that someone, somewhere became a victim of a crime. You can’t turn on the news without hearing crime anywhere especially among teenagers and women. You must be always prepared on whatever may come your way even on the things on how to be safe walking alone. There are people out there who are just looking for their targets. 

15 Safety tips every woman should know

Here are 15 safety tips every woman should know about how to feel safe as a woman which can also be safety tips for a teenage girl. 

Always be aware of your surroundings

The more you pay attention to your surroundings, the less you are going to be surprised. The worst thing you can do is not to have any idea of who and what is around you.

Limit your distractions

One of the personal safety tips while walking is not to text or do something on your phone while you are walking alone. You will be an easy target for you are distracted and you are not going to notice if something goes out of hand. 

Make an eye contact

Third among the 15 safety tips every woman should know is to let others know that you see them and you could identify them. 

Walk with purpose

Stand tall and keep your posture right to represent authority. It will be your protection when walking alone for it will let you look less like a victim. 

Report something suspicious

If you think something is out of place, make a call to the authorities because prevention is better than being sorry. Be proactive instead of reactive. 

Set boundaries 

If someone comes close to you suddenly, tell them to move back and give you space. If your safety is at stake, you don’t have to be nice.

Do not go with someone who forces you to a different location

Never get in a vehicle with someone regardless of what they tell you especially when you are along the street because your safety is at stake.

Don’t open your house door if you are not expecting someone

If you are not expecting someone, don’t open your house door. Even if it’s someone from the electricity company, verify their identity first before opening your door for them. 

Don’t leave things lying around your yard.

Keep all the things that someone can use to access your home away from your yard. Keep them in a safe place.

Keep your garage door opener out of sight

One of the obvious safety tips is to not keep the opener outside and lock your car’s doors every time especially at night. 

Use wooden dowels in your doors and windows

A wooden dowel is perfect to keep your doors and windows locked but it is easy to move when you need to escape. 

Watch your use of social media

Don’t put everything on social media. The more you give out information, the more they can figure out when and where you’re most vulnerable. 

Take a self-defense class

Take time to learn new ways on how to defend yourself and practice them regularly. 

Carry a weapon only if you’re trained

Some install a girl safety app or carry weapons with them but make sure you know how and you are willing to use it. 

Trust your gut

If you feel like something is going on, report it immediately. You need to trust your instinct. 

Given the 15 safety tips every woman should know, the most important thing is that you won’t let someone rob you of your dreams and goals. If they chose you as a target, give them a big slap on their faces that they made a huge error in their judgment. Always feel safe, dear ladies!

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