Your Ultimate Guide to Cognitive Dissonance in Relationships

Your Ultimate Guide to Cognitive Dissonance in Relationships

In life, we always have different kinds of things we believe in and adore with. Most certainly this has something to do with how the way we were raised by our parents and grew up in this world. The family has always been a big factor in each and everyone’s personality traits. Not only our parents, but even our aunt and other relatives hone the person who we are today. For instance, our cousin could help us change our beliefs and perspectives into different kinds of things.  

Now that we have a lot of things evolving around us, you could easily say that things with regards to relationships have also changed. Modern relationships in the Millennial era is way too different from such old, classic and nearly Platonic relationship that your parents may have or encounter. In all fairness, sometimes the changes we encounter in a certain relationship forbids us to grow and develop our skills more than what we expect. Some may not know but there’s this thing called. Cognitive Dissonance.  

It’s not simply a theory that has been discussed way back your College or High School days. Hence, cognitive dissonance can also be relatable to relationships nowadays. Yes, Cognitive Dissonance in relationships are possible, even cognitive dissonance in friendships does exist. You may not know but it happens. Not for any certainty but this is one of the reasons why couples eventually breaks-up in the end and even couples have to undergo divorce because of this. 

The Reality Behind Cognitive Dissonance 

As we have mentioned, there’s a cognitive dissonance theory present in life and mostly in science. For sure, Sheldon will give you an appropriate and detailed discussion for this. But let’s give it a try. It may be sound complicated for anyone to understand but putting in into simpler ways. It only means being contradicted or contradictive to someone’s belief, behavior and attitude. You may have encountered this kind of situation in your best friend or even boyfriend. You may have even asked it to yourself without further noticing that you are in that kind of scene. Baffled by the questions, Could cognitive dissonance in my relationship exist? Is cognitive dissonance in toxic relationships be possible too? What are the possible cognitive dissonance examples in everyday life? Well, without any further ado, here’s your guide about cognitive dissonance in a relationship. 

Cognitive Dissonance in a Relationship.

Yes, it is very possible to have a cognitive dissonance relationship. You will not avoid arguing with your girlfriend and go into a fight with your boyfriend with regards to their attitude, behavior and worse belief. The best example could be a necessary thing that he or she is used to doing and yet it is against your practice. Smoking is bad for your health and that’s what you believe, however, your boyfriend initially does not agree with that kind of belief and continues to do his activity. Thus, cognitive dissonance divorce or cognitive dissonance and infidelity will enter in which your partner might soon be able to cheat and pull away from you. 

Another one, Your friendship loves and idolizes some of the best Korean Pop Idols and yet you believe that you should maintain connection first with the Local Groups and Idol of your homeland country. Thus, you will instill arguing and go into fights. Things like this happen in friendship when you just usually begin and start forming new friendships. Quite understandable for those people who have just met and still have a connection with one another. 


Cognitive Dissonance theory can be applied in our everyday lives. Not everyone we know and we meet will eventually be okay with our attitude and behavior. It is still mostly suggested to learn how we communicate and be with the people who understand us the most.  

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