What Does a Local Search Marketing Agency Do?

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A Local search marketing agency utilizes strategies to increase a client’s visibility in their own geographical area, resulting in more traffic and customers. These techniques can include optimizing website content for local keywords, submitting listings to online directories, creating social media profiles for each location, and promoting local events.

What is local search in marketing?

These strategies can also be used to optimize a client’s Google Business Profile. This listing can be found under the search results on Google and includes information about the company, including a map, its address, and phone number. A company can also add photos, reviews and special offers to this page. This can improve the chances of a business being displayed in the Google “Map Pack,” a group of 3 businesses listed above organic searches.

Other aspects of local SEO involve establishing connections with the community. This can include participating in local events, sponsoring community programs, and networking with other local businesses. It can also mean fostering relationships with local journalists and editors of regional websites.

Another important component of local SEO is paid search. This can be done through Google Ads, which are the ads that appear on the top of the Google search results. This can be an effective way to promote a business locally, particularly when the business is competing against national or global competitors for the same search terms. For example, if someone searches for “Best Italian Restaurant,” the first result will be a Google Ad, which will likely compete with the other organic results in the Map Pack.


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