Platonic Relation: Definition, Characteristics, and Benefits

You’ve heard of” strictly platonic ” friendships, but maybe you don’t understand what that means. In this article, we discuss Plato’s friendship and how it can help you.

A platonic relationship, definition:

The term of what a platonic relationship is has been developed so much over the years. The philosopher Plato was the one who invented the concept.

His definition of platonic love differs from modern Interpretation. His Definition of  Love was not about greed, but about what is brought closer to God and highlights the best qualities. This applies to all kinds of relationships.

Plato’s ideas remain in the modern Plato Definition of love. It’s like an amber-colored idea, which brings the Best of both worlds. Only to be friends.

As mentioned earlier platonic relationships have evolved over the course of human history. The Greek philosopher Plato came up with this term. He thinks that platonic friendship was a friendship that brought forth the best attributes of Man and brought them closer to their God. If you do that, it was a love without a sense of joy.

At present, the definition is different. Although platonic friendships still give great qualities to people, the definition consists of heterosexual men and women who are only friends. This also applies to gay friends. However, it is usually associated with heterosexuality, since men and women tend to express themselves differently.

A platonic relationship characteristics

To enjoy a wonderful  platonic relationship, follow these characteristics:


This goes with any friendship or relationship. A platonic relationship consists of honest motives. Since you are not in a sexual relationship, honesty to good platonic relationships is reinforced so that you have nothing to lose. You do not worry about them leaving you as a lover. There is no great obligation, and you both are open to all questions. You both like to express your feelings, even if you don’t talk to each other that much.


All relationships have limits, and these limits are usually not pronounced and are not available in organic form. Some Platonic friends enjoy being naked together, however, it is not a sexual aspect. Others want to protect their privacy. With restrictions, you can change over time and both of you can see the extent limitations you reached. Border crossings often indicate that your relationship is not so platonic.

Fewer expectations

Platonic relationships have less hope than romantic. Of course, friends have expectations about each other, but you are not life partners. This makes the platonic relationship awesome, as there are few rules to follow and it is not too difficult to break the rules. In a platonic relationship, you don’t expect to share anything with each other. You may be worried about them sometimes, however you will not wake up in the middle night and think about what they are doing. Staying with your friend a lot means it is more than just friendship.

In the following some good things about Platonic relationships that you need to know:

Knowing more about the opposite sex

Let’s face it: most men and women have different communication methods and different perspectives. If you don’t understand the other sex, a best friend from the opposite sex can help you know what is happening in your mind. When you go out with someone else, your Platonic friend can help you understand where your Partner came from when you fight.

People are different, but many groups can share the same idea. If you have friends in this group, you can get an insight into their behavior and expectations.

Meeting your supportive needs

Men and women can help each other in many ways. Again, all people are not the same, but in general, men are more solution-oriented, while women are more emotional. When men have problems, women can be there to offer emotional support and comfort. If women have problems, men can honestly say, the solution. This does not mean that women cannot present a solution and men cannot support it, but on the contrary, it is only a general rule.

Everybody thinks you’re dating

Even if both of you do not go out together more often, you still have people who suspect you are together. It’s always annoying to correct this, and sometimes people don’t believe in you.

Looking for help

The Management of your friends can be difficult, and at a platonic friendship, you have to be aware that you have no feelings towards the opposite sex. To maintain your Platonic friendship, you can talk to a therapist.

The therapist can help you recognize your feelings and determine if your platonic relationship is more than just a friendship. When you get feelings, he might give you advice about how to deal with that.

We hope this article helped you If you have any feedback or questions mention in the comment section below we will be happy to help you!

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