What do Girls Look for in a Guy

There is a saying that says, ” men see, women, see.”Another way to say it is confirmed by men admired and girls. If you’re a man reading this then you may think it’s all about being attractive, beautiful and” polished «to the attention of women starting from some of the more obvious moments and moving on to the ones you probably didn’t think of, the first time they meet is the women they notice.


Posture, how it works. It’s the manner in which you walk, stand and that you are so near one another. Women love men who are safe, but not arrogant; not dominant, but not dominant; strong but gentle; and the common man who is confident «alpha male”, most women are unfortunately not.


Yes!  Looks like it is important to women. But do you remember the words “beauty in the eyes of the viewer”? It’s true that a woman with cancer is attractive and also attracted to a woman. Request that most ladies point to men who look alluring from a not insignificant rundown of pictures and motion pictures and you will pick a tall man and a short man. A dark and righteous man.  a bold man. Cute boy stereotype that looks more “luxury”. Keep an eye on good ideas but more physical attraction!


Manners are subtle actions. They are an interesting way or method for doing something; an unmistakable quality or style, for example, outward appearance or discourse. For instance, a few ladies lean toward it when men are presumptuous. Others like it when they scratch their heads when they are nervous. Guideline speaking, an egotistical, forceful, inconsiderate motion isn’t something that a lady might want to see, particularly when she is with her.

Sense dress.

Ladies love to see a man who thinks about his appearance, and one of the principal things he will notice is the thing that he wears. Are your clothes clean and smooth? Are they good? Are your shoes shiny? and what do girls look for in a guy? It is true that some women prefer a stouter look and others prefer a more sophisticated style, but no woman takes care of your appearance because of the filthy, dirty and smelly clothes she has noticed.


Ladies need to see men with clean hair, skin, nails, and teeth. On the off chance that you wear whiskers, it should be cut and secured with bits of supper or something more regrettable. Men should not go to the bar, but if you have to deal with the fact that such a thing is only for women, then it’s just as important as anything else.

It tinks.

Ask a woman to mention one thing you will hear again and again foot bad breath, body odor, or bad breath, that is male around instant go! If you are around, a woman can not help but notice how you smell, so take a shower, brush your teeth and use the “pit spray”.

The body.

It is not necessary to be in the gym every day, because “breaking eggs”, they will tear you, but of course there is nothing wrong with taking care of your body regularly, and most women prefer a fair fit for some women who like the look of a “meatloaf”. It depicts what you don’t wear like an obese old beer belly. It is doubtful whether this man has seen his”parts” for many years. To be honest, we wonder if ladies have seen them for a long while, so what do girls look for in a guy? and Who’s in it?

If a man is with another woman, he is not likely to get a lot of attention from another woman. It is clear. Here in mind is that of the other people he is dating. Do they look decent? A company that applauds or degrades your situation? For example, a man in a restaurant who makes a witty joke with a cute, successful group of men would be more like a woman than someone in an angle chewing fat with a bunch of geeks.


The skin is the biggest organ of the human body (or, you ought to say, “got” into the human body). Studies have demonstrated that the skin is likewise the most significant element regarding sexual fascination.  At first, it may not seem obvious, but some people know that you are beautiful or beautiful, and maybe even have great skin(). This is one of the first things a woman notices because subconsciously she knows it is a good indicator of health and masculinity.


One of the principal things ladies see when you open your mouth is the tone of your voice, not simply the words you state. This will incorporate how loosened up your discussion is, your tone(most ladies incline toward a profound voice as it’s an indication of masculinity), and whether you are a male or female.

Imagine a man chatting at 100 mph in a strict tone, getting in the way while talking. Now imagine the same man giving time to talk more deeply and to respond to a relaxed woman. A lady will promptly pass judgment on a man by his voice and the manner in which he talks.

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