What to Look For in a Blender UK

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Blender is a 3D computer graphics software application which allows the user to create virtual worlds and characters. It is used in various fields, from architecture and design to film production and 3D animation. Blender is open source and free, allowing users to experiment with its features and functionality before purchasing a more advanced 3D software package like Maya or ZBrush.

A good blender UK should be capable of blending a variety of ingredients – including solid chunks of food if required. This can be achieved by using a tamper, which fits through the lid of the blender and moves any solid bits towards the blades for thorough mixing. A blender with a removable jug is also a useful option, enabling the jug to be filled and cleaned separately from the base unit.

The Best Blenders Available in the UK: Our Top Picks

The jugs used in a good blender are often made from glass or BPA-free plastic, with some models being available in either choice. The working capacity of a jug (the amount it can safely hold while blending) will vary depending on the type of blender, with higher-end options having greater capacities for a range of tasks.

Some blenders come with additional accessories, such as a personal blending cup and travel lid to make smoothies on the go. Others have specific attachments for crushing ice or adding small ingredients, such as seeds and nuts. This makes the resulting drink more nutritious and helps to reduce the amount of preparation time required.


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