What You Should Know About CBD Products

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CBD Products

CBD Products are available in tinctures, capsules, edibles and topical creams. Some contain other ingredients to help the oil penetrate the skin or to make it taste better or work faster. It’s important to look for a brand with third-party testing, and to avoid any product that claims to cure specific illnesses.

CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA, and some brands use inaccurate labeling. For example, some products claim to have a certain number of milligrams of active ingredient per serving, but the product actually contains less. This can make it difficult to determine the correct dosage. Read more biocbdplus.com

When trying CBD for the first time, start low and gradually increase your dosage. “The idea is to find the amount of CBD that provides modest benefits in a couple of days,” says integrative physician Dustin Sulak. “It may take some experimentation to find the right amount of drops or tincture to get that therapeutic dose.”

The Science Behind CBD: How Cannabidiol Interacts with Your Body

Another thing to keep in mind is that CBD can interfere with blood-thinning medicines and other medications that are broken down by liver enzymes. This includes acetaminophen (Tylenol). It also can reduce the effectiveness of antidepressants by interfering with how they’re broken down in your body.

CBD can also cause sedation, so it shouldn’t be taken with other medications that also make you sleepy. These include sedatives, muscle relaxants and some antihistamines. It can also interact with certain medications used to treat high blood pressure, increasing your risk of having a low heart rate and dizziness.


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